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Works in Progress

These are the books I’m currently writing, just waiting to be published. This list does not include my contributions to other publications, which I will list elsewhere.

The Lost Ilustrado Trilogy

Genre: Historical dark fantasy

Keywords: time traveling, immortals, vampiric creatures

Number of books in series: three

Trigger/Content warnings: None, unless you’re easily provoked by non-status-quo things.

Selurong: Land of Legends

Genre: Historical fantasy

Keywords: aswang, kampilan, babaylan, precolonial Philippines

Number of books: standalone

Trigger/Content Warning: None, unless you’re a stuck-up historical revisionist.

Santa SeƱora and Other Scary Stories

Genre: Horror

Keywords: ghost stories, nightmare, folklore

Number of books: standalone

Trigger/Content Warnings: May contain description of gore and violence, effects of drugs.